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Update: The Migrant and Refugee Situation on Samos June/July 2018

Although the news of the plight of migrants and refugees is less on our screens and less in our ears….let’s be clear; the problem has not gone away. Actually, now, with the warmer weather and calmer waters the boats are increasing carrying women and children – the men and teenage boys crossed over in the… Read more »

Samos Volunteers urgent training request

If you haven’t already seen it, there’s a fairly heavy duty article on the failing support for refugees on the Greek islands on ITV as the link below:…/lesbos-forgotten-children-out-in-the-…/ Having just received a letter of request of support from one of the refugee camps mentioned in the article, I feel this is a ‘now opportunity’… Read more »

Oliver in the Middle East, part 2 – Communities in Crisis

This is part two of  a detailed two-part account of Oliver’s latest Reach trip. If you’d rather read an overview, click here. You can find part one here. Crossing borders into other nations in the area, we see Oliver venture into more rural locations. Here he travelled extensively, working with professionals in social care, health and… Read more »

Oliver in the Middle East, part 1 – Aid Training

This is part one of  a detailed two-part account of Oliver’s latest Reach trip. For a document that gives an overview, click here. In October of 2013 Oliver was invited to take the Footnotes programme into some of the key countries surrounding Syria. He spoke at several important conferences, presenting the techniques and their benefits to… Read more »