Samos Volunteers urgent training request

If you haven’t already seen it, there’s a fairly heavy duty article on the failing support for refugees on the Greek islands on ITV as the link below:…/lesbos-forgotten-children-out-in-the-…/

Having just received a letter of request of support from one of the refugee camps mentioned in the article, I feel this is a ‘now opportunity’ for us to be able to say ‘Yes’ and quickly.


Dear Mr. West,

With this letter we would like to formally invite you to start a cooperation between Samos Volunteers and the Footnotes Reach Project.

With our informal education and recreational programs for children and adults, we believe that the Footnotes strategy will be a valuable asset for our approach at Samos Volunteers, as it is quick to pick up and easily transferable. It could be shared in the Alpha Education Centre, the camp, and the shelters on Samos and could be as valuable to the old as to the young. It can quickly empower an individual no matter the age or ability, to remember what is truly important and to help to discover afresh the ways of understanding their learning, their aspirations and their potential whilst gaining a stronger sense of place.

In these multicultural settings, we believe that the Footnotes grid strategies can enable every person in these difficult times of transition to discover new ways of realising and remembering their potential.

When viewed in a multilayered way, it is possible to privately and safely hold new information, whilst looking ahead as new challenges arise. As Footnotes relies on images and not words, we believe it to be a fantastic tool that can cross all borders – especially those of age, race, ability, and status.

We look forward to having you with us to share your method with our volunteers and especially the teachers and ones that work with children.

Consequently, we would like to invite you to work with us during an initial visit of ten days on Samos, to present your method to our group and train and assist our volunteers while introducing and applying the technique in their activities. We would then evaluate the programme after a month of application to decide together on further ways of cooperation.

We look forward to working with you.

Best regards, Sabine Klasen

Samos Volunteers NGO – Dimitrou Petrou 2 – 83100 Samos – Greece –

Samos, 18 Dec 2017

On top of this ‘now’ relevance, the article also focuses on the concerns for a great number of mental illness cases developing across the refugee communities after their arrival in the camps and a need for reconciliation.

As you know, Footnotes specifically focuses on the whole person, and particularly emotional related issues. I attach the letter of request from Samos Volunteers refugee camp.

If you also feel this is an ‘act now’ moment, and would like to be involved in some way in supporting the need as described in the letter below, I would love to hear from you. The fastest, most direct way in which you could become involved would be to help to carry the financial weight with us. There are a number of costs that we need to find straight away, for example towards return flights, accommodation, and other costs to ensure that we don’t become a burden to those that we aim to help.
or to give more directly, do contact me for BACS details. This is the better option, however, if you would prefer to donate via Paypal for example, please click the “Give” button for payment options.

It’s really important to stress that I do not want any to feel obliged or pressured in any way to give. I just feel that on this occasion, it’s a really good opportunity to share what we have with those who are facing hardship, particularly at this time of the year.

Please feel free to share this forward with others.

Thank you for reading. Sending my warmest to you this Christmas.

Director of Footnotes Reach Project.


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