Footnotes Tool PC Software

Price: £19.00


The Footnotes Tool is an exciting new step into the world of visual thinking strategies. The PC software takes Footnotes to a new level of recording and organising visual thoughts.
The Footnotes grid strategy has proven to work very well and is a fantastic way for visual thinkers to communicate. The method and theory of the paper technique has been created within the digital realm to open up the strategy to a vast amount of new opportunities and potentials for learning and organising.
The new software gives the ability to create digital grids, with the freedom to draw, edit and store thoughts, reminders and ideas. The rapid thought process of holistic thinkers can be captured easily with this simple and effective new tool.
The software offers an array of different uses and ways of creating a personal approach to Footnotes. It even allows the user to import scans, images or photographs to their digital grids. This is ideal for seen images that trigger a thought, to be placed onto a grid which can then be edited amongst grid squares of personalised drawn pictures. It also enables the exporting of digitally drawn images from a grid into a variety of places. The ability to import pictures from hand drawn grids strengthens their connection with digitally drawn grids and allows the possibility to record thoughts anywhere.
Download the manual here, to learn more about how it could work for you (you may need to right-click on the link and then click “Save File As”).
Once you have made your purchase you will be emailed the software, usually within 24hrs.
For non-PC users, you might want to try our latest Footnotes webApp for similar functionality.