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Thank you for your interest in supporting our transformational work in troubled places around the world.

As the benefits of the Footnotes programme across a broad spectrum of life became increasingly evident, so did the realisation that we can offer something unique to communities in crisis. This is how our Footnotes Reach project first started.

One of the things that makes Footnotes exceptional is the rapid and low cost impact that it has on the communities we take it to. This power to affect large-scale change is important in the face of such vast need. Footnotes Reach has the potential to improve many lives, offering lifelong enabling strategies that support in both the short and the long term. There are no other humanitarian organisations offering a similar programme.

We work with those who are currently not able to fund the Footnotes programme for themselves. However, our long-term view is to help them sustain the techniques locally, and support their community to thrive as they apply Footnotes strategies to businesses and community groups.

Opportunities to take Footnotes into new humanitarian contexts are continuously expanding. Most recently Oliver has partnered with the Swiss NGO Global Hope Network International (GHNI) and together they have begun a training programmes with various community leaders around the world. The training that Footnotes provides has been requested in response to overwhelming needs at many levels, not least the mounting erosion of hope and sense of place experienced by refugees.

Currently the demand for the Footnotes Program far outweighs available resources, with requests from nations such as Jamaica, Madagascar, Togo, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, India, Nepal, Burma, Haiti, Romania and specified countries in the Middle East. We look forward to developing relationships which will help us to meet these needs without an increase in the level of external support we receive.

Much of the work of Footnotes Reach has been done by individuals who give substantial amounts of time out of busy working lives, to freely offer their skills into often very difficult environments. However, to expand into more locations, we cannot continue to operate in this way. For this reason, we are looking for people – both individuals and organisations – who would like to partner financially with us in this work, and help to extend it into new communities across the world. Perhaps your company might want to make us its “charity of the year”?

Because we are a small NGO project, any donation given will have a direct impact where it is most needed, without becoming lost in the administration of a large organisation. There is also the possibility of visiting with the projects you sponsor, to see the effect of your giving.

If you have more questions, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us on: [email protected]

Thank you to those both considering and already supporting our unique program of humanitarian support. If you would like to come alongside us in this work, either with a one off donation or through ongoing giving, please see the options above.

Many thanks.

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Oliver West, Footnotes Programme Director