Lifetime Printable Calendar


Price: £9.99

The Footnotes Lifetime Printable Calendar has been created to enhance and encourage the use of the Footnotes grid and visual thinking strategies. The calendar is designed to help all individuals organise their days, months and year. Through the use of the grid, tips from Oliver’s book, “In Search of Words – Visual Thinking Techniques” and some thought provoking illustrations by Alice Povey, Oliver has designed this calendar to be part of your every day life and encourage the use of the Footnotes Programme.
This product is a digital file that you can print and reuse for the rest of your life! We give you the dates for 2014-16 but you can keep using it long after that. You can also start it at any point during the year.

We really believe that the Footnotes grid calendar system will transform the lives of many, by simply giving them more control to organise life in their preferred way. As a result, we want to make this product widely available.  We’re putting it out there for £9.99 so that it is affordable for those who need it. The price is low for a lifetime product and we have costs to recuperate, but we’re trusting the Footnotes community to respect our terms and conditions by not sharing the file.
Feel free to buy copies for your friends, helping both them and us, as we look to sustainably continue the work of Footnotes long into the future.
Once your payment has been processed, we will send the pdf file to the email address you provided.
We hope you find this a beneficial tool.

Happy Gridding!